Dan & Stephanie Evans | Thoughts on Preparing to Leave Military Service

Dan & Stephanie Evans | Thoughts on Preparing to Leave Military Service

A quick and personal update on our family’s experience as we progressively move nearer to my end of military service. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Stephanie and talking candidly about my choice to leave the military behind. My wife, Stephanie opens up and talks about her feelings on transitioning and life after military. Listen to this episode and get an honest look at how we’re preparing for our family’s biggest lifestyle and career shift yet.

Show Summary:

  • I have an amazing and supportive wife ( I love you, Steph)
  • Dan is both anxious and excited
  • Steph sometimes feels nervous
  • Transitioning is hard work
  • Pursue your passion…
  • But… have a plan
  • Networking is vital
  • Pray and have faith
  • Excited for what’s next!

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  1. Have a plan, but be flexible. Things don't always work the way you plan. Sometimes they're better.

  2. I am an old friend of your wife and I listened in out of support and curiousity… I think that is was really good. Definitely will give confidence to those families transitioning to civilian life which I think was part of the purpose. I took away that uncertainty is totally normal but hard work and the feeling that this is your next path in life is what pulls you through.
    What an amazing family you are!! Thank you all for your service:)

  3. Excited for you guys. I didn't serve in the military, but have had many transitions in my life and they've always led to lots of growth and greater potential than I could have imagined. Good things to come!

  4. Thank you, Danielle. 🙂

  5. 🙂

  6. Thank you for the kind words, hope you are well Jeff!

  7. You’ve found your calling, the courage to follow, and have the support of an amazing wife. Who could ask for anything more? Don’t think about it in terms of leaving a brotherhood or sisterhood; that’s a forged bond that will never falter. Think of it as going incognito…now you’ll be an undercover brother! I have no doubt you will find success using your natural talents and abilities. I’ve recently done the same thing and found by aligning myself to my purpose, doors have opened with little effort. I’m no longer pushing against the current but have allowed a greater power to steer my ship to much calmer waters. If life is nudging you it’s for a reason, you’ve already accomplished what most are afraid to try, and have done so worth honor. Here’s to you and your family; fair winds and following seas! Let the master take the helm and make of you the person you were destined to be…Semper Fi and God speed!

    • Thank you, Rodney. Semper Fi brother!

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