You’re in line at your favorite restaurant one day and out of the blue you recognize a familiar face. In walks the person who has the power to change everything about your life, your sanity, your income; it’s your dream job gatekeeper. It’s time to make a solid first impression…but you don’t.

You don’t have any business cards, not even a napkin to write on. You’ve got your mobile phone and this mobile SMS tip to help you stand out. Wouldn’t it be cool to do something different to differentiate yourself from the last 50 people who approached your dream job gatekeeper?

This scenario is familiar for many of you. If not, that’s ok too…just keep reading.

The majority of us carry at least one thing with us all times, a mobile phone. This is another genius tool to help you become more efficient and function with less “stuff”.

You’ll gain the ability to seamlessly integrate mobile and social media with your business contacts with a simple SMS text. It won’t cost you a dime. No more printing expensive business cards, I promise.

I stumbled across the website last week, I’m hooked. Simply ask your contact to send an SMS Text message to “YourName to 50500”. They’ll receive a reply with a link to download your contact vcard on their phone. You can include a custom message, links to your website, & links to all your social media networks in your vcard. It’s a one-stop-shop.

On the other hand, suppose you want to send your contact information to a contact you’ve met over the phone. Simply send an SMS text to 50500 with their phone number in the message field and they’ll receive an SMS text with a link to your vcard on their mobile phone.

Problem solved. Now you can throw away your new box of business cards.

Best of all, your new contact’s number will be stored in one place online in your account. You can even export your list to your iPhone contacts.

Next time you’re at a networking event, use this free tool to keep your bag and pockets free from clutter. Shake more hands and meet more people instead of holding on to business cards.

Is this cool or what? Try it out, share this link with your friends and let me know what you think.

DISCLAIMER: I have no affiliation or connection of any kind to, this is a 100% free tip and 100% at your own discretion and risk. Standard text message rates may apply, check with your mobile carrier.