Michael Penney | Infantry Marine Turned Podcaster & Military Entrepreneur

Michael Penney | Infantry Marine Turned Podcaster & Military Entrepreneur

Michael Penney enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and began his service in Twentynine Palms, CA with 3rd Battalion 7th Marines, Weapons Co. He served in two tours of duty, both to Ramadi, Iraq. After re-enlisting in 2007, he reported to MCB Quantico as his next duty station. Michael became a Combat Marksmanship Instructor, Foreign Weapons Instructor, and security forces trained Designated Marksman.

After having successfully trained 17 officer details and numerous requalification details, Michael had made a positive impact as an instructor but it was time to get back to the fight. He volunteered for another combat tour, this time with 1st Battalion 5th Marines. Assigned as section leader on embedded Police Advisor Team, Michael and his Marines [and Docs] operated away from their unit in northern Helmand province. This Marine Corps experience has paid off in life as an entrepreneur.

After 8 years and 3 combat tours, Michael left the Corps and opened his first business, finally settling in the Raleigh, NC area in January 2015. He and the Marines of Cigars and Sea Stories share candid conversations with fellow veterans. Showcasing their efforts and how they add VALUE to the world. Check them out at cigarsandseastories.com

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Social Business at USAA, Social Media Marketing Director & Recruiting Strategist, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Host of the Military Entrepreneur Show


  1. Damn, Dan! Where did you find this guy? You’ve had some great interviews so far, but this guys is a blow hard and chatter box that really seems to like to hear himself talk. It didn’t even sound like an interview or conversation, but a monologue. Given his short period in business, he is now an inspirational speaker too? wow…that is scary. No one can accuse him of having a low opinion of himself, that’s for sure. I am looking forward to more vetted interviewees in the future.

    • Thanks for reaching out and compliments on past shows, Jack. I strive to bring a diverse group of Veterans on the show with unique backgrounds, in various stages of life and entrepreneurship- everyone who became great at anything was once a beginner. If you know any amazing Veterans who are in the entrepreneurial space who’d seem to fit, please let me know- I’m always striving to do better.

      I appreciate your support for the show,

      – Dan

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