Heather MacArthur has been career coaching individuals at all levels and across various industries for fifteen plus years.  Her career has spanned from serving in the Air Force as a Russian Linguist for the National Security Agency, to being a learning and development leader for companies such as Princess Cruises and The Walt Disney Company.

It’s these diverse experiences that have built her philosophy and approach to what she does.  Regardless of whether she’s coaching, facilitating or speaking at an event. Heather strives to help people tap into their unique strengths, connect the dots of all their talents and experiences, and partner with one another to get the job done.

Her efforts have also led her to write her book that captures many of the lessons learned and top tips she’s collected in her career called, “Low Man on the Totem Pole:  A Tough-Love Letter to the Employee in All of Us,”  available this summer.

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