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Making Your Business Social
With more employees accessing the internet from work, new opportunities for marketing have come to light. From a business standpoint, it’s getting more and more difficult to fight through the internet noise to connect with and earn the trust of prospects. My process is grounded in execution, consumer behavior, cross-channel integrations and delivering the best experience possible for customers.

What I Do
I build rock solid social media strategies that provide businesses and executives a clear path to their customer. I specialize in training and tactics, I work alongside team members and hold leaders accountable to complete the project.

My Expertise
1. Enterprise Social Media – Developing a strategic vision for your brand and how it’s represented.
2. Visual Marketing – Creating and executing visual marketing strategies that lead to the right kinds of engagement.
3. Employee Advocacy – Identifying opportunities to train employees to become brand ambassadors.
4. Strategy-to-Tactics – Developing and planning tactics that get used.
5. In-Store Marketing – Creating in-store social strategies and programs that increase customer advocacy.

My Packages
Let me help you build a winning strategy that amplifies your business. Below are a few ways we can get started.

1. One-on-One Skype Call With Me
Great for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need help with specific issues. (60 minutes)

2. Social Business Idea Development
Three one-on-one Skype (or phone) calls. Exercises include: Exploring ideas, viability and jump-start outlines. Great for businesses looking to develop an employee advocacy strategy that are starting from zero.

3. Social Media Strategic Audit & Analysis
Our Social Media Marketing Audit and Analysis project examines every facet of your current business/program, and the programs of your competitors, plus leading companies in related industries. We’ll give you detailed, actionable recommendations that you can put into place immediately to improve your social media marketing results
We’ll tell you what you’re doing right, what the other guys are doing right, where you can improve, and how.
Timeline: 45 days

4. Monthly Consulting
2-5 hours per week. 2-3 weekly one-hour Skype calls and 1-2 hours of weekly tactical work (reports, presentations etc). Month-to-month agreement. Great for small to medium sized companies looking to enhance their business eg: employee advocacy, brand presence, or strategy, or implementing advocacy centered programs.

Want to Hear Me Speak or Train Your Group?

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Dan is one of the most talented individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His dedication and passion in enhancing the District’s multiple social media platforms is nothing short of brilliant. Most notable was his ability to develop a training and execution plan that ultimately increased leads and quality by leveraging social media to reach a more diverse population of applicants and linking them up with our sales force.

Jorge Escatell Recruiting Advertising Officer USMC

“Dan did an outstanding job of getting the Marine Corps involved in the social media revolution. Now, Marines from all over the country are following Dan’s tactics, and the Marine Corps has even changed its social media policy and platform because of him. Dan had a tremendous influence on this”

Michael Wick Combat Correspondent USMC

Dan is the type of leader you want in your organization; his entrepreneurial mindset gives him the ability to influence others while creating a highly innovative environment. He is not afraid to share fresh ideas, which while pursuing his own interests help those of the organization, and its stakeholders. He continuously invests in his literacy through abundant reading material that have helped him maintain a higher standard in his course of action.

Gustavo Bustos Recruiter, USMC

Dan demonstrates creative strength by being clever and imaginative. During my tenure, Dan always dynamically and aggressively engaged in the pursuit of professional excellence and continuously produced superior results. His degree of leadership far exceeds that normally expected for an individual in his position and experience. Daniel is a must have on any team!

Edgar Carpenter Director of Audience Development, Gannett Media


Daniel stands out to me as one of the most disciplined, competent, and dedicated students I have had. Despite extreme demands with work and school, Daniel completed all of his work on time and exceptionally well. In an environment where many students are looking to do the least amount possible, Daniel amazed me with his commitment to fulfilling his responsibilities willingly and professionally. He is an absolute asset.

Kate Klemme Adjunct Professor, Utah Valley University

I have never come across a more qualified expert in social media than Dan Evans. He is not only well versed in the various platforms, but he has a unique understanding and expertise in utilizing each platform collectively to market and sell a brand, and in our case, the United States Marine Corps.

Amanda Anderson Public Affairs Officer USMC

Dan Evans is a visionary innovator who walks the talk. Dan was 1 of 3,700 Marine Corps Recruiters hand-selected to serve on the Marine Corps Recruiting Command’s Digital Communications Working Group. Dan is a leader, teacher and scholar who thinks and acts by applying systems thinking and modeling the way.

Raphael Hernandez Chief Marketing Officer USMC

Daniel is one of the finest students I have known. His work is of high caliber. While in an undergraduate program he consistently produced a quality of output that was clearly at a graduate level. He possesses keen insight. He also demonstrates a caliber of leadership that is rare. He understands authentic leadership and how to help others achieve their goals in life. l recommend Daniel without reservation for positions of leadership, high responsibility, and trust.

Gordon Whitehead CEO Captus5